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  Student Testimonials  

"There is no better way to learn Hebrew. Anat is an extraordinary teacher who always collects a good group of interesting students. Learning with Anat is fun and effective."
-- (Anonymous)

"As an older adult learner, I appreciate the clear explanations, patient instructor, and comfortable pace."
-- Robert Brickner

"Anat is a rare outstanding teacher. She is patient, inspirational, motivating -- always energetic and positive. She makes learning Hebrew enjoyable and fun.
[…] I have considerable difficulty learning languages. After beginning class with Anat, especially during those early years, I wanted to give up on my studies. She always reassured me that I was doing well and that 'it' would fall into place very soon. Her faith in my ability to keep up with the class and learn the materials was reassuring. Anat's encouragement on a personal level and exceptional teaching skills are the reasons I am still studying Hebrew."
-- Linda

"The classes at Yad Moshe are small and adapted to your current skill level. Anat is very patient and methodical, yet excited and enthusiastic about her teaching."
-- Alan

"I think Anat Wolins is an excellent teacher. I feel I have some basis to make this judgment, as I myself am an art teacher, and a sometimes English, sometimes Spanish tutor for high school kids. Anat keeps challenging students, so that even though the advanced classes I have been taking always feel a little bit over my ability level, I stay engaged. She helps students avoid getting stuck in every small detail, and works towards the larger goal of general understanding and ability to communicate. This is what interests me about language study, and why I keep coming."
-- Debbie Koppman

"I have studied several languages with a number of teachers over the years, and Anat is by far the best. She introduces vocabulary and grammar to fit the story we're reading or the topic we're discussing, and she pushes me to learn more each week while keeping it fun. Thanks to her I have learned about Israeli culture and society and to converse in Hebrew; I can't recommend her classes highly enough."
-- Mark Wittenberg

"I love studying Hebrew with Anat. I feel I am part of a 2000 year old tradition of 'find a teacher and study'. To me modern Hebrew is part of Torah and having a Hebrew teacher and studying is modern Torah study. Anat is infinitely patient and lets every student learn at their own pace and in their own style. I feel it is an open ended hobby where I continue to grow and learn every year."
-- Mary Breiner

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