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  Modern Hebrew  
  modern hebrew  
  Beginning Modern Hebrew  

Ready, set… Alef, Bet!

Calling all beginning Hebrew students! Yad Moshe is the best place to learn Hebrew, so give yourself the advantage of a strong beginning.

This course introduces the fundamentals of the Hebrew language, starting with the alphabet, vowel system, and pronunciation. By the end of this class, you will be able to read and write in Hebrew, and carry a basic conversation with confidence.


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Recommended Courses:

Beginning Hebrew students: try Hebrew In A Day for Anat's unique, brief introduction to the language!

  Intermediate Modern Hebrew I  

The here and now, and a little of then.

Now that you have the basics of the Hebrew language, continue your studies on an intermediate level. The objective of this class is to develop a strong control of the present and past tenses in Hebrew.

Students will increase reading and writing proficiency while expanding their vocabulary and grammar.


  Intermediate Modern Hebrew II  

To the future, infinitives, and beyond!

The focus of this course is the future tense, conveyed through stories and theme-based conversation. Students will continue to strengthen grammar, vocabulary, and communication skills.

Use your growing vocabulary to analyze how a short story's setting is reflected in its author's diction; discuss what you will eat for dinner tomorrow; and hold conversations as if you were in line at the grocery store, or answering the office telephone.


Recommended Courses:

It is recommended that Intermediate II students concurrently enroll in Medabrim Be’Keff™.

  Advanced Modern Hebrew  

Apply the skills you’ve developed to advanced texts.

Advanced students will sharpen their reading, writing, speaking and listening skills through complex texts. Articles are nonfiction and cover a variety of scientific, historical, and cultural subjects.

Discuss World War II; debate the finer points of global climate change; talk about modern Israeli art; and more, all while expanding vocabulary and grammar abilities.


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