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  General Questions  

How often do classes meet and for how long?
Most classes meet for an hour every week. Some classes such as Seminars and Enrichment Courses can span several hours. Ulpan classes meet several times a week. See current schedule for details.

Where can I find the classes offered this semester?
Current classes are under schedule. Upcoming semester classes will also be listed there towards the end of the semester.

Where can I browse all classes offered by Yad Moshe?
A complete list of Yad Moshe classes is under course catalogue. You can also view a concise list of all classes on the site map.


How do I enroll?
Preregister by sending Anat a message with your contact information and the classes you would like to take, or fill out an enrollment form on the first day of the session.

Should I preregister?
Yes! We highly encourage preregistration. It helps avoid class cancellations and will allow the professor to tailor the class to your needs.


When do I pay?
Payment is due in full by cash or check at the beginning of your first class of the session.

How much is each class?
Cost varies per course per semester.
See current schedule for details

What is Yad Moshe's refund policy?
If a class is cancelled, you have the option to have your tuition credited to a future course or request a refund.
If you choose to not take a class after enrolling, refunds will be granted according to the following guidelines:
1. Full refunds will only be given for withdrawals received at least 2 weeks prior to the first class of the session.
2. Cancelations occurring less then two weeks prior to the start of a session, but before the first class will be charged a $30 processing fee.
3. After the first class, no refunds will be given.


Where is Yad Moshe located?
Yad Moshe is located in the East Bay, and the majority of classes are held in El Sobrante. Please contact Anat for directions.


What if the class I want to take isn't offered?
No problem! Request a class for a future semester or contact Anat about private or small group instruction in your subject of interest.

How do I know what level of Hebrew to take?
Use the course descriptions to self-place yourself, contact Anat for verification, and attend to the class you think you should be in. You can switch classes if necessary.

I missed a class. What should I do?
Students can make up missed classes by attending another class during the session; see instructor for details. Please note that classes cannot be prorated, and refunds will only be given in the case of class cancellation by the instructor.
  Hebrew In A Day™  

What is “Hebrew In A Day™”?
Can I really learn Hebrew in a single day?

Hebrew In A Day™ is a special course created and taught exclusively by Anat Wolins. She came up with the class to instruct students in Hebrew in a brief yet effective manner. Anat’s unique, one-day seminar introduces the Aleph-Bet, vowels, and essential pronunciation and sight-reading skills in a fun, focused atmosphere.

Students leave this seminar with a firm basis for future study of Biblical and Modern Hebrew. Don’t miss your chance. Contact Anat to request Hebrew In A Day™.

You really can learn Hebrew, and it all starts with a single day!
  Still have a question?  

Send Anat a message or call her at 510-367-9127.

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