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  Mevashlim Be'Keff™: A Three Course Meal  

Words so good you'll eat them!

This three-part mini course will teach you to cook three mouthwatering family recipes– in Hebrew! Each lesson is one part of a meal: soup, salad, and entrée. In each class you will learn new vocabulary and then activate it as you cook the new recipe. Then, of course, eat your words.. or, food!



All food is vegetarian

  Ketiva Ve'Yetzira™  

Give voice to your creativity in Hebrew

This creative writing course is your chance to express your thoughts and emotions in Hebrew. Use your vocabulary and grammar skills to create a gratifying piece of literature. Through guided exercises, you have the opportunity to write poetry, short stories, and more.

Shira Ve'Yetzira™: Poetry and Composition

This specialty mini-course joins two popular classes: The Poetry of Yehudah Amichai and Ketiva Ve'Yetzira™.

In the first hour, we learn the poetry of Yehuda Amichai and study his rhetorical techniques, vocabulary, and unique poetic rhythm. In the second hour, Amichai plays muse as we create our own poetry.


Recommended Courses:

Complement this course with:

  The Poetry of Yehuda Amichai (1924-2000 CE)  

Yehuda Amichai: not just your average poet.

Yehuda Amichai, one of the greatest Israeli poets of modern times, was among the first to compose poems in colloquial, Israeli Hebrew.

His language is gently ironic, at times passionate or straightforward, at others emotionally dry. He came from an Orthodox German family and lived through World War II, the Holocaust, the creation of the State of Israel, and many of the country's battles for survival. This course explores Amichai's poetry from significant periods of his life, and examines how his background and the conflicts that developed around him influenced his writing.

Course conducted mainly in English, with some Hebrew.


  Hebrew Literature  

Discover what's beyond the cover!

This class will enable you to finally enjoy the Hebrew literature you have longed to read. Israel is blessed with many talented authors who express their views, emotions, and humor in a variety of fabulous short stories and novels.

Much of that work has been translated into other languages and is famous around the world. We will read a sample of work in the original Hebrew and enjoy the flow of a plot written in Hebrew.

Discussion is in Hebrew and English as needed.


  Hebrew Via The Media™  

Learn Hebrew through Israeli culture and media.

Explore Hebrew and Israel's modern culture through newspapers, radio, television, the internet, and other resources.

This class will help you uncover the idiomatic nuances and comedy in Hebrew media that, as a Hebrew language learner, you might not discover on your own.

Take this enrichment course to expand your conversation and comprehension skills.
This class complements Intermediate II and Advanced Hebrew, and can be taken in summer as part of the Ulpan Intensive.


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